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Typefacial Recognition (#1) – Capcom

Company:Capcom Used in:Corporate Branding Typeface:ITC Korinna Font:Extra Bold
Many logos, in-game text, and art assets use fonts that are common to most home computers or readily available on the internet. ‘Typefacial Recognition’ is a series that will uncover and shed some light on these fonts.

The Capcom logo is one of gaming’s most iconic logotypes. An entire generation of gamers grew up hearing the classic arpeggio of chiming notes and watching “CAPCOM” flash in as they pumped quarters into Street Fighter II cabinets, or rebooted Mega Man 2 for the nth time that day. The mark has received very few changes over its 27 year existence, the only two notable changes being the empty space in the “C” and “O” in “com” has been filled in with the same blue as the outer stroke and the logo no longer receives the “chromed” treatment as it did in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Capcom Logo circa 1991

This change was most-likely in response to increasing the mark’s legibility at smaller sizes. The logo by today’s standards is synonymous as a classic, timeless, and understated corporate design. No surprise then that the font in which the Capcom logotype is set, is over 100 years old.

About the Font

First designed in 1904 by the H. Berthold AG type foundry (which is perhaps best known for creating the “Helvetica” font), Korinna is a serif typeface created in the Art Noveau style which accounts for its slightly exaggerated and pronounced or tapered serifs. This is most easily seen in the uppercase “C”, “G” and lowercase “y” characters.

ITC Korinna Extra Bold Character set

The Capcom logotype is specifically set in the ITC Korinna Extra Bold font, created in 1974 at the International Typeface Corporation among other weight variations (from light to ultra) of the font.

Korinna has had a relatively popular life in advertisement and design-oriented usages. It has been used on the 1970s version of Press Your Luck, on title cards for various television programs and most famously as the clue font on quiz-show Jeopardy!:

Jeopardy! clue card

The font is so named for the 6th century Greek poet of the same name.

For an interesting look back at all the different treatments (sound and animation) the Capcom logo has received, view this video put together by YouTube user kahlilmarshall95:

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