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3 comments on “Nichibutsu is not Japanese for ‘Owls’
  1. Dimahoo says:

    Have you ever heard of “Mahjong The Lady Hunter”? Look it up if you want to see a more comical use of the Nichibutsu owl.

  2. Mendou says:

    “Nichibutsu” is a contraction of “Nihon Bussan”. “Nichi” is another pronunciation for the first kanji character in “Nihon”. The “tsu” at the end of “-butsu” comes from the way a doubled consonant is written in hiragana, which uses a small “tsu” before the syllable which begins with the consonant to be doubled.

  3. Jeremy says:

    The only good games that Nichibutsu has ever made in my eyes are UFO Dangar, The F1 Circus Series, Terra Cresta, Terra Cresta II, Armed Formation F, and my all time favorite- Cosmo Police Galivan.

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