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Welcome to Visual Attack Formation, a blog about graphic design and videogames. In an effort to promote and highlight the near limitless sea of great design in videogames, this blog has come to be. The universe of this discussion does not involve things like: mechanics, sound design, character design (insofar as it pertains to the physical appearance of a character, designs such as logos, emblems, tattoos, etc. displayed on said characters are fair game) or the relative “good” a game contains. That is for other children with other internet sites. This one is about graphic design and games.

If by some chance you are unaware as to what graphic design is, I have handily included a link in this sentence for you to educate yourself. if you’d like to see some games that contain exemplary levels of graphic design please treat yourself to the following titles: Wipeout XL/2097, R4: Ridge Racer Type 4, World of Warcraft, Mirror’s Edge, Rez, and Bayonetta.

Each post will attempt to examine a given piece of design as it exists alone, its context within the game from which it originates and if possible about the artist(s) who created it. I will also attempt to re-create these pieces as a stolen tactic from Aegir Hallmundur of the blog, Ministry of Type (an excellent blog for typophiles). This is not to plagiarize or attempt to steal the artist’s work as my own, but rather as Aegir has found on his blog, often in attempting to re-create a piece of work you admire, you not only educate yourself, but uncover hidden meanings and information buried inside the art itself.

It is my hope that whoever reads this blog finds it interesting, informative, and at least mildly entertaining. Thank you.

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